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British Academy Fellow

22 July 2011

Antony Manstead  - webProfessor Antony Manstead

A Cardiff academic has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to social psychology, joining a list of eminent individuals who are Fellows of the British Academy.

Professor Antony Manstead of the University’s School of Psychology, is one of only 38 academics to be elected a Fellow of the Academy at its Annual General Meeting on 21 July 2011. Election is a mark of distinction with only a very small number of scholars in any field elected.

Professor Manstead was honoured for his contribution to the study of social psychology, with a focus on emotion, prosocial behavior, attitudes and attitude change, and social identity. Speaking about his election, Professor Manstead said: "I am delighted to become a Fellow of such a prestigious institution. It is very gratifying to have social psychological research recognised by the Academy in this way and an honour for me personally to be in such eminent company. I look forward to participating in the activities of the Academy."


The Academy’s President, Sir Adam Roberts, said: "I congratulate all the distinguished Fellows who have been elected to the Academy this year, on achieving this peer group recognition of the outstanding contribution they’ve made to scholarship and research in the humanities or social sciences. Election is not only an honour, but also a beginning. I look forward to their active participation in the life and work of the Academy."

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The British Academy, established by Royal Charter in 1902, champions and supports the humanities and social sciences. It aims to inspire, recognise and support excellence and high achievement across the UK and internationally. It is an independent, self-governing body of more than 900 Fellows, including Marina Warner, Seamus Heaney, Eric Hobsbawm and Lord Bragg.

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Listen to Professor Antony Manstead explain more about his research

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