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Breaking into the music business

05 September 2008

Music notes

A composer and PhD graduate of the School of Music embarking on a unique business venture to build closer links between the business and arts communities in Wales and across the UK.

Having secured funding from the Welsh Assembly Government’s Assembly’s Entrepreneurship Scholarship programme, Dr Adrian Hull has launched Arcomis (Arts Commissioning), a unique spin out company from the School of Music.

Established to promote and facilitate the commissioning by the commercial sector as well as not-for-profit and public sector organisations of new classical music by internationally-renowned composers, it is the only company of its kind in the UK.

Also acting as a support for the development of future classical music talents, it provides the very highest quality of music for such occasions as corporate hospitality, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Dr Hull, who completed his PhD last year, said: "For years, companies have been commissioning artworks, paintings and sculptures as extensions of their brand, cause-related marketing, corporate communications, and as part of corporate social responsibility programmes. Music commissioning is a more distinctive way of effectively using marketing budgets to gain added value and differentiation whilst also engaging with the expanding sector of the creative industries.

"Some may believe that commissioning music needs to be expensive, but as each project is unique, we’re able to work with clients to provide them with a customised piece of music, ranging from a short solo piece up to something as large-scale as an opera, to fit their budget. Also every commission can potentially be performed and recorded."

Arcomis also received support through the Finance Wales Early Stage Development Programme, and support from Cardiff University’s Research and Commercial Division.

Catherine Bushell, Enterprise Officer at Cardiff University, said: "The University has a very focused strategy to support the commercialisation of the teaching and research undertaken across the University. Arcomis is a direct result of the expertise and knowledge Adrian developed during his PhD and the first spin-out from the School of Music.

"Spin-outs not only create employment opportunities and wealth in the local economy but businesses such as this also result in socially meaningful activities – Arcomis is able to support the development of the creative industries in Wales and help businesses themselves increase their participation in the arts."

In association with the London Contemporary Music Group, a launch event as held at the School of Music, consisting of an unprecedented eight world premieres of new works composed as 'homages' to the American composer Elliot Carter who celebrates his 100th birthday this year.