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Brain art

14 October 2011

brain art WebOne of the images that will be on display as part of the exhibition

A new exhibition showcasing the University’s world-leading brain imaging research will be on display as part of a Cardiff festival.

Produced by Professor Derek Jones and Dr Silvia De Santis of the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) in the School of Psychology, the images show white matter tracts – nerves and fibres that form the ‘wiring’ of the human brain.

The images arose as part of ‘CONNECT’ – a European Commission funded-project in which Professor Jones and Dr De Santis are using advanced MRI physics approaches to improve our understanding of these tracts in the live human brain.

To maximise the interpretability of their results, they developed new visualization techniques which created stunning images of the brain.

Professor Jones and Dr De Santis have worked with local artist Phil Lambert to produce the exhibition which they have called CUBART (CUBRIC-ART). The five resulting canvases will be displayed as part of the community-based arts event Made in Roath.

Speaking about the project, Professor Derek Jones said: "In producing the 'CUBART' we have stuck to a strict principle of not doctoring the imaging data for artistic gain. The shapes that evolve are real data, derived from real brains - those of the two of us!"

The first set of canvases entitled ‘Tractology’ will be on display at The Sho Gallery, Inverness Place from Friday 14th October until Sunday 30th October (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

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