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A picture of health

27 March 2012

A picture of health WebMedical art: DNA double helix, by Emma Wictome

A unique collection of art inspired during a three-month work experience in the School of Medicine has gone on display.

The collection, on display in the University’s Henry Wellcome Building, captures the inspiring art of 19-year-old-gap year student, Emma Wictome who has set-out on a unique mission to produce a piece of art, every day, for a whole year.

Stimulated by a love of art and curiosity for biology, Emma spent from September to December in the lab of Dr James Matthews, Institute of Infection & Immunity, School of Medicine, to inspire her work.

"I studied art up to As level and my friends always noted how competent I seemed, but I really just enjoyed creating something," according to Emma.

"I wanted to combine my two loves and so based my artwork around things I found visually stimulating from my A level biology course.

"My work experience placement with Dr Matthews helped inspire my art and my mission to produce a piece of art, every day, for a whole year."

The project led Emma to establish her 365 Day Art blog where she blogs and displays her art.

"Each month I change the subject of my artwork. September was Cells October was Genetics, November was Infectious Disease which was inspired during my work experience placement.

"It’s been a great learning curve, both artistically and academically, and a great feat when I finish the project on the 14th of August," Emma adds.

Dr James Matthews, School of Medicine, said: "This unique collection of art captures some of the variety of research work in the School of Medicine. I was very impressed by Emma’s capacity to spend a full day working in the lab and then go home and produce an interesting piece of artwork in the evening using a whole range of mediums.

"I would urge people who work in the School of Medicine and across the University to take time-out to appreciate this fascinating collection."

For more information and to view Emma’s blog and artwork collection visit:

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