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A new home for healthcare

06 November 2009

Concept building

In the past year, students on the Heath Park campus have benefited from the opening of a well-equipped, modern lecture theatre building. Nearby, the new IVLounge offers a high quality coffee shop environment for all students. Now, the third piece of the trilogy is moving into place, in the shape of the planned new Medical Education Centre.

The Centre will offer will offer a new library, clinical skills and simulation laboratories and seminar space to students of all the healthcare schools on Heath campus. A planning application for the striking 6,000 square metre building is currently with Cardiff Council.

The new Centre is a strategic key for Professor Paul Morgan, Dean of the School of Medicine.

Professor Morgan said: "We want the Centre to be our new ‘front door’, to be the home of the Medical School, offering the majority of services that students will need from day to day."

The library will integrate the present Duthie and Ty Dewi Sant libraries. The new library, the new high-tech simulation suites and other study areas will be open to students around the clock. There will also be room for postgraduate teaching, giving students a sense of continuity in their studies.

All the student support services, and Professor Paul Morgan’s own office, will transfer from the main Heath building to the new building. The transfer will make space available in the main building for the University’s partners in the NHS.

Professor Morgan added: "The new Centre is critical in terms of everything we want to achieve in terms of education. The students will have an identifiable space, which is for them, and where they can enjoy a high-quality learning environment."

The new Centre will be close to the new lecture building, connected by open plaza which will increase the students’ sense of an identifiable home. It will have the latest in information technology, including wireless access to on-line services.

The development is welcome news for all the schools on the Heath.

Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Dean of the School of Dentistry said: "I’m excited about this excellent new facility as it will provide greater access to up-to-date teaching and information facilities."

Professor Roger Mansfield, of the School of Healthcare Studies, said: "Taken in conjunction with the new lecture theatre building and the refurbishment of the old Med Club as the IV Lounge and the existing facilities in Ty Dewi Sant, the new building will greatly enhance student facilities and create ‘an educational quarter’ on the Heath Park Site. Relocating the library and the Learning Resources Centre will also allow an improvement in facilities for students from the Schools of Healthcare Studies and Nursing and Midwifery Studies in Ty Dewi Sant."

Professor Sheila Hunt, Dean of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies said: "Nurses and midwives work closely with a wide range of other healthcare professionals on a daily basis. As well as bringing healthcare students into more frequent informal contact with each other, these facilities represent an important new teaching and learning resource through which to explore new opportunities for interprofessional learning and provide a strong foundation on which future professional collaborations can be built."

The building has been developed by the Estates Division and local planning consultants Powell Dobson. It aims to reach the highest standard of environmental excellence, making use of natural ventilation and lighting and other sustainable features. It is part of the University’s Campus Horizons project to enhance all parts of the estate.