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Learn for life, and for free at Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning

12 December 2007

Ever wondered what it was like to be part of Britain’s landed gentry, or the consequences for most of those who were not?

These questions and more will be answered as part of Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning’s Free History & Archaeology 2007 Seminar series, which continues on Wednesday 12 December with a unique look at 14th century life, by one of the UK’s leading experts.

‘The Multons of Frampton: A gentry family in the early fourteenth century’ will be delivered by Peter Coss, Professor of Medieval History and Head of the School of History and Archaeology, who is a foremost authority on the gentry and knighthood. Professor Coss will be presenting his latest research and holding a questions and answers session.

Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning is also running further Free Seminars for adult learners in the New Year, including a new series of Humanities lectures alongside the established History and Archaeology bi-monthly Forum.

These lectures will be delivered by leading academics at the forefront of their subjects; both series offer a chance to take a closer look at the cutting edge research undertaken at the University in a variety of disciplines. Many fascinating and diverse topics from contemporary society and history will be covered including a debate on science, sex and the meaning of being human being, the philosophical question of whether we can justifiably tell a lie, and an insight into life at the court of the Norman and Angevin kings.

‘The Multons of Frampton: A gentry family in the early fourteenth century’ lecture begins at 7.15pm in room M0.40 at the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning, Senghenydd Road, Cardiff.

For further details of this course and a full list of all other free adult learners courses visit or call 02920 870 000.