Your health and wellbeing

If you experience problems during your time at university or have a pre-existing mental health condition, the health and wellbeing team are here to support you, no matter how big or how small the problem.

Counselling sessions are available for students to talk to a counsellor and explore how they are feeling. Shorter wellbeing appointments are available to provide students with practical strategies and information.

Adjusting to life at university

The transition from home to university life can be difficult, and most students experience some degree of homesickness in their term at university. This is completely normal, as it takes time to get settled in and make new friends, whilst also getting used to being further away from your home life. Keeping a good balance can help you to overcome homesickness.

For many students, keeping in contact with friends and family at home is important, although it is equally important to try meeting new people – whether it’s by chatting with someone in a lecture, or introducing yourself to your neighbours.

Joining a society is also one of the best ways to integrate into student life and feel more at home, or you can Give it a Go and try a taster of something new.

Find out more about societies and what is going on in the autumn term on the Students’ Union website.

Looking after yourself

The first few weeks of university, as well as being fun, can also be a bit of a blur for many so please do take care of yourself and your wellbeing.

If you drink, be mindful of how much you are consuming and try to keep in control. It is also important to eat regularly, keep hydrated and try to get a good night’s sleep.

Whilst it may be fun to explore your newfound freedom, overindulgence can leave you feeling down in the long-term. Getting a balance is key to feeling well and healthy.

Further advice

If you have any questions or would like more information about the support that the Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service provides, get in touch:

Wellbeing and Counselling service (Cathays)

Wellbeing and Counselling service (Heath Park)

Once you've completed online enrolment, you can also log into the student intranet to find out more about our counselling and wellbeing services.

You can also attend a walk-in session between 15:00-15:45 Monday to Friday or 9:30-10:30 on a Wednesday at the Student Support Centre, 50 Park Place.

Alternatively, if you will be based at the Heath, there is also a walk-in service from 15:00-16:45 on a Wednesday at Cardigan House, Heath Park Campus.