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NMHRI team take on the Cardiff Half Marathon in support of MQ

29 September 2016

A group of staff at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute (NMHRI) are aiming to raise money for MQ by running the Cardiff Half Marathon 2016, sponsored by Cardiff University.

Photograph of a person's hands typing on a laptop

Dr Emma Yhnell to lead a study into computer-based cognitive training for people with Huntington’s disease

31 August 2016

Dr Emma Yhnell awarded a three-year fellowship to investigate a possible therapeutic intervention for people with Huntington’s disease

Dictyostelium discoideum

We’re holding an amoeba Olympics to uncover the mechanisms behind human diseases

17 August 2016

Dr Amy Baldwin shares how she and her colleagues are using dictyostelium discoideum to study the processes of human health.

Modern examination in the hospital

What has neuroscience ever done for psychiatry?

19 July 2016

Professor Jeremy Hall blogs about the relationship between neuroscience and psychiatry.


Investigating new epilepsy treatments

16 June 2016

Researchers at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine are about to explore whether it’s possible to treat human temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) by transplanting immature neuron cells into the brain.

Rorschach image

Mental health blog

14 June 2016

University launches new blog, providing constructive debate about mental health issues

Professor Jack Price

Speaker hailed 'First Class' at Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience

10 June 2016

Professor Jack Price delivered a thought provoking public lecture on neurodiversity, posing the question ‘Can we model human development in a dish?’

Photograph of Dr Jessica Steventon

Jessica Steventon awarded British Science Association Media Fellowship

26 May 2016

NMHRI Research Fellow awarded a Media Fellowship by the British Science Association.

Brain cells in dish

Speaker announced for the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation Distinguished Lecture in Neuroscience

9 May 2016

Professor Jack Price will deliver his talk 'Neurodiversity and autism: Can we model human development in a dish?'

Celebrating Excellence award trophies

NMHRI technician nominated for University's Excellence Awards

22 October 2015

NMHRI Research Technician Craig Joyce nominated for an Excellence Award.