We aim to engage with a wide audience about the real-world impact of our research and provide opportunities for two-way communication.

Engagement is a key part of our work. For our research to be effective, it's essential that it relates to the experience and needs of real people.

It's also important we share our findings with health and social care professionals, as well as policy makers and third sector organisations.

We are also passionate about working with children and young people to inspire the next generation of neuroscientists.

How we engage

Cub scouts

Scouts and Guides open evenings

We hold regular open evenings for local Cub Scout groups, giving children the chance to be a neuroscientist for a night.

Team PCNS 2018

Postgraduate Cardiff Neuroscience Society

Discover more about the PCNS including information on film screenings, debates and Q&A sessions.

The Brain Domain editorial committee 2017

The Brain Domain

The Brain Domain is a community engagement project run by postgraduates to promote science communication through blogs and podcasts.

Photograph of two students taking part in the Wales Brain Bee

Wales Brain Bee

The Wales Brain Bee is an annual event to encourage A-Level students to learn more about the brain and inspire them to pursue a career in neuroscience.

Pint of Science - Prof Liam Gray epilepsy talk

Pint of Science comes to Cardiff!

Annual UK-wide Pint of Science festival comes to Cardiff.

Case studies

Get involved

To discuss any upcoming engagement opportunities, please get in touch:

The Neuroscience team