Wellcome Trust Strategic Award for the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute to support 10 new research posts

This award (Defining Endophenotypes from Integrated Neurosciences: DEFINE) aims to rebuild the foundation of Psychiatry by breaking away from existing diagnostic categories to define a new biology of neurodevelopmental disorders. The programme will comprise of three linked themes, each with it's own specific objectives: Animal, Clinical and Neurocellular studies.

  • 5 Five-year Post Doctoral Research Associates (Vacancy Numbers: 1121BR, 1122BR, 1123BR, 1124BR, 1125BR)
  • 2 Three-year Clinical Research Fellowships (Vacancy Numbers: 1119BR, 1120BR)
  • 2 Five year Senior Technicians (Vacany Numbers: 1126BR, 1127BR)
  • One senior post (one position only - dependant on calibre and experience of applicant)
    • 1 Senior Lecturer/Reader/Chair in animal imaging (Vacancy Number: 1118BR)

For informal enquiries, please contact Professor Mike Owen (OwenMJ@cardiff.ac.uk), Director of the Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute or Professors Jeremy Hall (HallJ10@cardiff.ac.uk)/ Adrian Harwood (HarwoodAJ@cardiff.ac.uk), Scientific and Technical Director respectively

Our Vision

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute will establish Cardiff University as an international leader in the field of neuroscience and mental health research. The Research Institute brings together world-class leaders in ground-breaking neuroscience and mental health research to seek answers to the major mental disorders, which represent some of society's biggest challenges.