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Facilities and resources

CRHIP has dedicated facilities in the School of Music. Its staff offers expertise in research-led teaching and supervision at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It provides opportunities for experiment with ‘period’ instruments and for the practical application of historical techniques and styles to performance. Its inventory includes the following ‘period instruments’ (i.e. baroque/classical instruments in original condition, or modern reproductions):

  1. 8 violins; 3 violas, 2 cellos; 1 violone
  2. 2 flutes; 2 oboes; 2 bassoons (@ a’=415Hz)
  3. 2 natural horns (+ crooks) and 2 natural trumpets
  4. timpani
  5. a fortepiano (after Stein c.1785)
  6. a consort of viols

These instruments complement the School of Music’s collection of ‘period’ keyboard instruments, which include two harpsichords and a chamber organ.

Research with Recordings
CRHIP also recognises the significance of early recordings as primary source materials, which not only preserve the performances and performance practices of celebrated virtuosi and conductors but also establish a context in which printed and manuscript sources may be better understood (for example, the theoretical and technical instruction included in instrumental/vocal treatises and the myriad ways in which musical notation is realised in practice). The Centre is fully equipped for the study and analysis of technique and style in early recordings, its resources including facilities for remastering 78rpms on CD and relevant software for the provision of vital analytical data concerning tempo fluctuation, tempo rubato, the treatment of rhythm, the use of vibrato and the employment of portamento and other elements of musical expression.