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The School of Music at Cardiff University has excellent study facilities. In November 2005, for example, the School opened a new study suite for postgraduates - and its Music Library holdings include a substantial and expanding collection of Central European musical materials in addition to those housed within CEMRC.

CEMRC Study Room

2.01, 33-35 Corbett Road, next to Main Music Building

This has computer, scanning, hi-fi and telecommunications equipment for the use of staff, students and visiting academics. It also holds a range of microfilm and hard-copy documentation, much in English translation, as well as books, scores, language dictionaries and other research materials. Photocopying facilities are close at hand.

The staff rooms of the principal members of CEMRC are also housed in the same building, enabling easy and productive contact for CEMRC research and events.

CEMRC Study Resources

Polish Materials (general)

Students and visiting researchers have access to:

Polish Materials (socialist realism)

There is an extensive Polish archive (originals, facsimiles and photocopies) resulting from the CEMRC AHRB-funded project The Dark Decade: The Struggle for Music in Poland, 1945-55. It includes: