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Research Projects

Since 2001, CEMRC has pursued a range of research projects, several of them funded by the major Research Councils and, in the case of larger grants, involving other researchers and secretarial assistance. Some of these projects are outlined below. For further details of staff research activities and publications please see their individual profiles.

The Symphony in Beethoven's Vienna

David Wyn Jones (AHRB)

The Dark Decade: The Struggle for Polish Music, 1945-55

Adrian Thomas (AHRB)

Janacek: Years of a Life

John Tyrrell (British Academy, AHRB)

The Concert Programmes Database for the UK and Ireland (Phase 1)

John Tyrrell (AHRB/AHRC, jointly with the Royal College of Music)

Prague Concert Life 1850-81

John Tyrrell (Leverhulme Trust)

Stravinsky: The Second Exile

Stephen Walsh (AHRB)