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Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881 is an electronic catalogue of musical life and culture during one of the most significant periods of the Czech capital’s history.

The database, founded upon the analysis and explication of references to all practical music activity appearing in Czech- and German-language periodicals of that period, covers all types of music apart from music theatre. It was conceived as an online scholarly resource freely available to the specialist academic community and to all those interested in Czech nineteenth-century music, history and culture.

The database project was directed by Professor John Tyrrell and was funded by a three-year grant (2005-2008) from The Leverhulme Trust.

The resource incorporates extended commentary texts directly linked to records of events, people, venues, institutions and works. These clarify editorial decisions taken in assembling material from different sources, offer useful supplementary background information and factual data, and outline the content of descriptive reports and reviews.

Entries include information on the visits to Prague of Wagner, Berlioz, Liszt and Clara Schumann, on an interest in early music from Palestrina to Bach, on the acoustics of local performance venues, and on the tastes of Prague audiences.

Information is also available on the most fashionable musical entertainments of the day, from popular society events to marathon choral-orchestral concerts, on the popularity of the songs of female composers such as the Countess Schlick and on the developing taste for patriotic expression in compositions and performance.

As well as facilitating access to the content of primary sources (newspaper announcements, reviews and extant programmes), the database has also functioned as a medium for digital conservation of material in a number of Prague libraries that is in poor physical condition and not readily available for consultation.

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