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Research Centres

Centre for Research into Historically-Informed Performance (CRHIP)

Close-up of a slightly worn violoncelle

CRHIP was established in 2004, as a result of a Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF2) grant of £140k. It seeks to provide the equivalent of a 'well-found laboratory' for research into performance through history and its resources include a collection of ‘period’ musical instruments, specialist technological equipment to support analytical research into technique, style and performance in early recordings and a collection of 78rpm records.

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Cardiff Interdisciplinary Research in Opera (CIRO)Programmes

CIRO is a new platform for interdisciplinary collaboration in opera research both within and beyond Cardiff University. It was officially launched in May 2012 at the School’s Love to Death: Transforming Opera conference held at the Wales Millennium Centre in association with the Royal Musical Association.

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