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From Stein to Steinway

Ken HamiltonProfessor Kenneth Hamilton will be exploring 300 years of the piano at the Edinburgh Festival this weekend.

The modern piano is as different from Mozart’s piano as a Mercedes from a horsedrawn carriage. But what effect did changes in the instrument have on the music written for it? Professor Hamilton will be exploring ‘From Stein to Steinway: 300 years of the piano’ at the National Museum of Scotland on Saturday 24 August. The event is part of the Edinburgh International Festival and will be chaired by Stephen Allen of National Museums Scotland.

More information is available online at:

 In a Proms Plus Intro at the Royal College of Music on Monday 19 August, Professor Hamilton looked at the story of the Romantic piano concerto, and at Mendelssohn’s Piano Concerto in G minor.  Highlights from the event, also featuring Ian Skelly and writer Judith Chernaik, were broadcast on BBC Radio 3 during the interval of that night’s Prom. The programme is available on BBC iPlayer.

Professor Hamilton will be back on BBC Radio 3 on Friday 30 August for a Proms interval broadcast looking at music composed by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The programme is presented by Tom Service and will begin at 8.20pm.