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Speaking of Music

Speaking of Music - coverCan we speak of music, even though certain aspects of it seem to elude words? People talk about music every day, but they also treat it as a limit, as the boundary of what is sayable.

Speaking of Music: Addressing the Sonorous examines how scholars discuss music in different disciplines. The contributors address different perspectives and traditions that form and inform the speaking of music in Western culture – musical, literary, philosophical, semiotic, and political.

The volume is co-edited by Dr Keith Chapin (Cardiff University) and Dr Andrew H. Clark (Fordham University) and published by Fordham University Press.

Dr Chapin has also contributed a historical account of tensions within music as a discipline, ‘Mattheson’s Words, Bach’s Silence: Humanist and Professional Ways of Speaking of Music’, and co-written a substantial introduction with Dr Clark.

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