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Sing a Song of Portland

Portland tour adWalking tours with a difference, scripted by PhD student Sam Murray, will be taking place this weekend in Portland, Oregon.

The Sing a Song of Portland tours will take in the city’s musical history, examine the issues affecting it today, and end with a group sing-a-long of some of the songs that have helped to shape Portland’s music scene.

Sam’s PhD, The PDX Music Scene Project, uses ethnographic methods to explore how Portland sustains a vibrant and diverse music scene. He said: “A walking tour is a unique way to bring my research to life in a physical way. It gives an opportunity to go to a place and make a physical connection to the concepts I have been grappling with.

“I like the idea that a story I may have found may shed a new light on somewhere Portlanders walk past every day and take no notice of. I also am excited by the sing-a-long concept for this tour allowing everyone to join in singing the words and melodies that have shaped Portland’s music history and international reputation.”

The tours, run in partnership with Portland-based organisation Know Your City, take place 7-8 September 2013. They will be accompanied musically by Lukas Borsten of Portland band The Bottlecap Boys.

Read an interview with Sam about the tours here and watch Know Your City’s tour video at

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