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AHRC Postgraduate Competition 2008

February 2008

Deadlines and procedures for applicants to the School of Music at Cardiff University

The AHRC closing date for the above competition is 1 May 2008. However, in order for the School of Music to meet this deadline, it is important that applicants comply with the following timetable:

Applications should be submitted electronically to the School Manager, Mrs J Gladwell (, no later than WEDNESDAY 20TH FEBRUARY 2008.

If both of your referees are staff of Cardiff University and/or the School of Music there is no need for you to forward copies of your application to them. Mrs Gladwell will contact your referees on your behalf and forward your application to them simultaneously; she will also collate the responses and photocopy the completed application before onward submission to the Academic Registry.

If one or both of your referees are not Cardiff University staff, you should contact your referees direct. Referees should be encouraged to provide electronic references to Mrs Gladwell (, no later than 20TH FEBRUARY 2008, so that they can be incorporated directly into your application form. Your application should be submitted to Mrs Gladwell, electronically, in the usual way. However please include, in a covering email, the names, addresses and contact details of your referees so that Mrs Gladwell can chase them if need be.

Please remember, regardless of whether your referees are staff in Cardiff or at another institution, that Professor Robin Stowell is required, as Head of School, to complete a section of your application. It is therefore important that we adhere to the above procedures in order to ensure that all applications are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For the 2008 competition the AHRC has asked Universities to operate a new system whereby applications will first of all be scrutinised locally and then those with the highest chance of success in the competition will be submitted to the next round of the competition. This means that, unlike in previous years, not all students who submit an application will proceed to the second round, and the decision about who does will be taken by the University rather than the AHRC

Any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact Judi Gladwell.