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New MA in Ethnomusicology

March 2007

The School of Music at Cardiff University is pleased to announce that it is inaugurating a new MA in Ethnomusicology. Complementing the existing suite of postgraduate programmes in music, the new degree will examine music from an anthropological perspective, allowing students to study a wide range of musical traditions in different cultural contexts. In this respect, Cardiff University provides a unique location for the development of the degree. Building upon its established research interest in Central Europe, the new programme will allow students an opportunity to study the musical traditions of North West Europe and South East Europe. It will also offer other areas of specialisation, including the musical cultures of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Acknowledging the interdisciplinary ethos of the University, the MA in Ethnomusicology will draw upon the research expertise of scholars both within and outside the School of Music, for which the presence of centres dedicated to the study of relevant cultural and religious interests is pertinent. These Cardiff University centres include the Central European Music Research Centre (CEMRC) and the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK (CSUIK). Since the programme is located in Cardiff, students will benefit from the diverse range of cultural activities and research facilities available in the Welsh capital.

The new MA in Ethnomusicology will consist of five core modules with 'Anthropology of Music', 'The World of Music' and 'Music and Discourse' reflecting the unique character of the degree. Students will also take a module in research skills and submit a dissertation involving where possible a period of field research. Candidates with a background in music and/or anthropology are especially welcome. However, applicants with backgrounds in the humanities, the social sciences and or other cognate areas will be considered. Entrance requirements are a 2.1 honours degree, or its equivalent, at a recognised institution.

It is anticipated that the new MA in Ethnomusicology will begin in the coming academic year, 2007-08. Initial enquiries may now be made to the Director of the MA in Ethnomusicology, Dr John Morgan O'Connell, from whom further details about the programme may be obtained.