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John Bird Lectures

These lectures, which are open to the public, take place on Tuesday afternoons at 16.30 in the Boyd Lecture Theatre, School of Music.

A full calendar of School events, including the John Bird Lectures, is also available online.

Watch videos of previous lectures here.


Autumn Semester 2014

7 October Effeminate Vibrato: Vitalist Discourses of Violin Pedagogy in the Early Twentieth Century
Stefan Knapik (Cardiff University)

14 October ‘A man of many hobbies…’: Alan Adair and the concerts of the Adair War Wounded Fund
Katy Hamilton (Independent scholar)

28 October Between Conscience, Family, and the Nation: Hubert Parry and the First World War
Toby Thacker (Cardiff University)

18 November CANCELLED [ethnomusicology]
Frederick Moehn (King's College London)

25 November (Re-) Theorising Schubert’s Reliquie: Precedents, the ‘Great’ Symphony, and Narrative
Cameron Gardner (Cardiff University)

2 December Sensibility Triumphant: C.P.E. Bach and the Art of Feeling
Annette Richards (Cornell University)

9 December The Anti-Economy of Improvisation
Dana Gooley (Brown University)


Spring Semester 2015

3 February Village – Environment – Studio: 'Doga için Çal' and the Cartographies of Modern Turkey
Eliot Bates (University of Birmingham)

10 February 'An Epistle to Mr Philip Glass' and other Verse-Music Encounters
Christopher Norris (Cardiff University)

17 February Envisioning Portugal: Music and Nation
Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

3 March 'Music Industry and Digitization: no single factor explanation for defining change'
Michael Jones (University of Liverpool)

10 March Music Sans Frontieres
Matthew Shlomowitz (University of Southampton)

17 March Jean Cocteau's Cinematic Parallax: Reframing Wagner's Tristan between Nietzsche and Debussy. The case of L'éternel retour (1943)
Mauro Bertola (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)

21 April The Burning Fiery Furnace and the Redemption of Religious Kitsch
Christopher Chowrimootoo (University of Notre Dame (USA))


For further details please contact:

Dr Keith Chapin

Position: Senior Lecturer Telephone: +44(0)29 208 70925