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John Bird Lectures Archive

Autumn Semester 2012

9 October 'The Unofficial Version: Rediscovering Liszt's Legacy to his Students
Kenneth Hamilton (Cardiff University)

16 October ‘Soundscapes of the Global Eighteenth Century from the Sistine Chapel to Canton Harbor’
Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton)

*CANCELLED - Due to circumstances beyond her control, Nicola Dibben has had to cancel her lecture*
23 October
 ‘The Musical Artefact in the Digital Age: A Case Study of Bjork's Biophilia’
Nicola Dibben (University of Sheffield)

30 October ‘RIP HIP? Has Period Performance Become an Irrelevance?’
Claire Holden (Cardiff University)

13 November ‘Music and Sport: The Hermeneutics of 2012’
Andrew Edgar (Cardiff University - School of English, Communication Studies and Philosophy)

20 November ‘Pierre Boulez, Incises and Sur Incises: Competition Pieces and their Consequences’
Peter O'Hagan (Independent scholar)

27 November ‘Schenker's Army: Defending the Fundamental Line of Mozart's G minor Symphony’
William Drabkin (University of Southampton)

4 December ‘Talking Tones and Singing Speech among the Yorùbá of Southwest Nigeria’
Amanda Villepastour (Cardiff University)


Spring Semester 2013

5 February ‘Marius-François Gaillard's Debussy: the Piano Recordings 1928-30’
Caroline Rae (Cardiff University)

12 February 'Tracing Lineage: Influence and identity in my chamber music since 2002'
Rob Fokkens (Cardiff University)

19 February ‘It's Gonna Shine: New Light from Steve Reich's Source Materials’
John Pym & Keith Potter (Wolverhampton & Goldsmiths)

12 March ‘Music, Landscape, and the Sound of Place: Hearing Delius's Song of the High Hills’
Daniel Grimley (Oxford University) 

19 March ‘National Identity and Musical Community in Eighteenth-Century Britain’
Suzanne Aspden (Oxford University)

16 April ‘Making Musical Records for the Rainforests of Central Africa'
Noel Lobley (Oxford University)

23 April ‘Topics and Form in Mozart's String Quintet in E-flat Major, K. 614/i'
Kofi Agawu (Princeton University)