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John Bird Lectures Archive

Spring Semester 2012

31 January ‘Lieder in London Between the World Wars’
Laura Tunbridge (Manchester)

7 February ‘Race, Class and Meaning in Black British Jazz’
Jason Toynbee (The Open University)

13 March ‘Ideologies and Practices of Tonality Around 1900’
Michael Fend (Kings College London)

24 April ‘Keeping in Contact by Cassette: An Analysis of Old Dinka Songs in New Packages’
Angela Impey (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Autumn Semester 2011

25 October ‘Tuneful Travels. Filming Neapolitan Song (1953-2010)’
Goffredo Plastino (Newcastle University)

1 November ‘Tonewood, Ivory, and Skin: Global Approaches to Renewable Resource Use for Musical Instrument Making’
Jennifer Post (Society for Ethnomusicology)

15 November ‘Frank Zappa: A Case Study in Musical Research’
Paul Carr (University of Glamorgan)

6 December ‘Viewed from the Podium: Concert Scenes and Film Narrative’
Benjamin Winters (The Open University)

13 December ‘Borderland Views of the British Musical Renaissance: The Cultural Politics of the English Eisteddfod’
Rachel Cowgill (Cardiff University)