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John Bird Lectures Archive

Spring Semester 2011

15 February ‘Teresa Schieroni and the Idea of Global Opera’
Benjamin Walton (Cambridge)

22 February ‘The Vicissitudes of a Musical Sign: How the Yodel Became a Joke’
Timothy Wise (Salford)

15 March ‘Don’t Sing It On a Feast Day: The Performance of Western Sacred Music in Soviet Russia’
Pauline Fairclough (Bristol)

29 March ‘Gaslight in the “Glorious Old Cathedrals”: The Church Times and Theological Objections to Nineteenth-Century Musical Festivals’
Charles McGuire (Oberlin)

Autumn Semester 2010

5 October ‘Musical Missionaries in Ramallah? Understanding Europe’s Latest Dispatches’
Rachel Beckles-Willson (Royal Holloway)

26 October ‘Experimentalism Meets (Iggy) Pop’
Benjamin Piekut (Southampton)

16 November ‘Strategies and Models for Composers: Puzzles, Menus, Maps, Memory’
Elliott Schwartz

7 December [CANCELLED] ‘Rethinking Neapolitan Song’
Goffredo Plastino (Newcastle)