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John Bird Lectures Archive


20 October 2009 ‘Feis Ceoil, Gaelic League, and Irish “Traditional” Music in Dublin, 1897’
Martin Dowling (Queens, Belfast)

27 October 2009 ‘Siegfried’s Masculinity’
Professor Laurence Dreyfus (Oxford)

10 November 2009 ‘Punctuation and Sense in Late-Eighteenth-Century Music’
Danuta Mirka (Southampton)

24 November 2009 ‘Words and Text, Sung and Spoken, Sacred and Profane’
John Casken introduces two of his recent works – The Dream of the Rood and Deadly Pleasures, the first religious in nature, and the second a melodrama for narrator and ensemble to be performed that evening

8 December 2009 ‘The New Guitarscape’
Kevin Dawe (Leeds)

2 February 2010 'The Saxophone as a Global Musical Icon'
Stephen Cottrell (Goldsmiths, University of London)

16 February 2010 'Douleurs exquises: Tears, Telephones and Music transgressed in Cocteau/Poulenc, Duras and Fassbinder'
Claire Launchbury (Royal Holloway, University of London)

2 March 2010 'What It Is to Write a Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach'
Peter Williams (formerly John Bird Professor, Cardiff University)

16 March 2010 'Hard of Hearing: Acoustic Legacies and Public Policies'
David Sanjek (Salford University)

27 April 2010 'Liszt, Mendelssohn, and the Challenge of Social Art'
James Garratt (Manchester University)

4 May 2010 '(Un)censoring 19th-Century Italian Opera'
Francesco Izzo (Southampton University)