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John Bird Lectures Archive


21 April 2009 'Handel's London Contemporaries: A lecture-recital of 18th-century
music by lesser-known London composers'
(to be held in the Concert Hall Foyer)
Nicola Loten (baroque flute and recorders, Cardiff University) and Thomas Breeze (harpsichord)

17 March 2009 'The Empire Slips Back: Constructing the Nation in British Popular
Irene Morra (Cardiff University)

3 March 2009 'Hammering the Master? On Boulez's Le Marteau sans maître'
Robert Piencikowski (Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basle, and Cardiff University)

17 February 2009 'Meyer's Mansfelder Oratorium in 1950: Tensions Behind the Realist Facade?'
Toby Thacker (Cardiff University)

3 February 2009 'Understanding Wagner's Ring: The Composer as Philosopher'
Roger Scruton (Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Washington DC)

27 January 2009 'Towards a Semiotics of Film Music'
Michael Chanan (Roehampton University)

9 December 2008 'Moving Stravinsky: Dances to Le sacre du printemps and Les noces'
Stephanie Jordan (Roehampton University)

2 December 2008 'Shaping Legacies: Debussy and Ravel in Inter-war France (1918-1939)'
Barbara Kelly (Keele University)

11 November 2008 'Loïe Fuller and Salomé: The Unveiling of a Myth'
Clair Rowden (Cardiff University)

14 October 2008 'The Fulcrum: Radical Changes in North American Music and Society in 1968'
Tim Hughes (Surrey University)

7 October 2008 'Researching Daily Musical Life in a Taiwanese Aboriginal Village'
Jonathan Stock (Sheffield University)