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John Bird Lectures Archive


15 April 2008 ' 'And Fashion Makes Me Sing': Eighteenth-Century English Ballad Opera and the Birth of a Popular Music Industry'
Berta Joncus (University of Oxford)

18 March 2008 'Sezen Aksu, Diva Citizenship: The Politics of National Culture in Neo-Liberal Turkey'
Martin Stokes (University of Oxford)

4 March 2008 'A 'Partial' View of The Rose Lake: Relational Aesthetics and Inter/Intratextual References in the Late Works of Michael Tippett'
Thomas Schuttenhelm (Cardiff University)

12 February 2008 'The Circulation of Music between Afghanistan and the Afghan Diaspora'
John Baily (Goldsmith's College, London)

5 February 2008 'Hearing Theatre, Visible Instruments: Mauricio Kagel's Der Schall and Acustica'
Jean-François Trubert (Université de Nice)

29 January 2008 'On World Music'
Dave Laing (Institute of Popular Music Studies, Liverpool)

11 December 2007 'The Fall and Rise of Viennese Music Publishing, 1860-1914'
Paul Banks (Royal College of Music, London)

27 November 2007 'On Music and Dance'
Davinia Caddy (University of Oxford)

20 November 2007 'Canon Fodder: The Social Construction of Music Theory in the Turkish Academy'
John Morgan O'Connell (Cardiff University)

30 October 2007 'Boulez, Carter, and Late-Modern Thematicism'
Arnold Whittall (London)

16 October 2007 'E. T. A. Hoffmann and the Ironies of Musical Romanticism'
Matthew Riley (University of Birmingham)