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John Bird Lectures Archive


1 May 2007 'Ideologies and Changing Identities: 20th-Century Serbian Music'
Melita Milin (Institute of Musicology, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU)

24 April 2007 'The Urban Ethos and Changing Cities'
Adam Krims (Nottingham University)

20 March 2007 'Hanslick's Vom Musikalisch-Schönen and the Discourse of Autonomy'
Frances Mitchell (Cardiff University)

27 February 2007 'Taming the Tinku: Ritual Battles and Folklore in the Bolivian Andes'
Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway College, London)

13 February 2007 'Music, Image and Space in Video Installation Art'
Holly Rogers (University College, Dublin)

30 January 2007 'Music Connoisseurship and Male Friendship Circles in Seventeenth-Century Mughal India'
Katherine Brown (Leeds University)

5 December 2006 'The Problem of Cultural Relativism for (Ethno)Musicology'
Andrew Nercessian (University of Durham)

21 November 2006 'Halévy's Charles VI: Myth, Memory and National Identity'
Sarah Hibberd (University of Nottingham)

14 November 2006 (*) 'Introducing the Concert Programmes Project: POW Concerts at Alexandra Palace during World War I'
Rupert Ridgewell (British Library)

31 October 2006 (*) 'On Not Paying Attention to Music'
Anahid Kassabian (University of Liverpool)

17 October 2006 'Footnotes to an Apprenticeship: Boulez's Early Mentors'
Edward Campbell (Edinburgh)