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John Bird Lectures Archive


19 April 2005 'Music, Identity and the Challenge to Difference'
Tina Ramnarine (Royal Holloway, University of London)

15 March 2005 'Writing a New Opera Today'
Judith Weir (Visiting Professor, Harvard University)

8 March 2005 'Music, Science and the Body in Beethoven's Vienna'
Tia De Nora (University of Exeter)

22 February 2005 'Developments in Contemporary Argentine Music'
Omar Carrado (Universidad Católica, Argentina)

17 February 2005 'Viktor Ullman's Eschatological Moment: The Composer's Voice at the End of Time'
Philip Bohlman (University of Chicago)

7 December 2004 'The Post-Soviet Musical Landscape, 1994-2004'

Rosamund Bartlett (University of Durham)

23 November 2004 'Music for Open Eyes: Mauricio Kagel's 'Instrumental Theatre' '
Björn Heile (University of Sussex)

2 November 2004 'Banned Music: The BBC, The Panel and World War II'
Lewis Foreman (Cardiff University)

19 October 2004 'Beatles, Beach Boys and Bob: Canon Formation in Popular Music'
Carys Wyn Jones (Cardiff University)