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John Bird Lectures Archive


1 April 2003 'Looking for some Action: Lutoslawski, Narrative and the Modernist Paradigm'
Nick Reyland (Cardiff University)

18 March 2003 'Dijon 1876: What Price the 'Father of Harmony'?'
Katherine Ellis (Royal Holloway, University of London)

23 February 2003 'Scoring the Political: Hans Werner Henze and Katharina Blum'
Annette Davison (University of Leeds)

11 February 2003 'Plenary Masses at the Viennese Court, 1800-1806'
John Rice (Rochester, Minnesota)

10 December 2002 ' 'Battling with the Piano': Three Missing Bars in the Largo of Martinu's Symphony no.4'
Sharon Choa (University of East Anglia)

19 November 2002 'Tonal and Modal Strategies in Vaughan Williams's Music'
David Manning (Cardiff University)

29 October 2002 'The Impact of Recording on Listening: Culture and Perception'
Eric Clarke (University of Sheffield)

15 October 2002 'Swaying with the Canon: Subjectivity in the Music of Wolfgang Rihm'
Alastair Williams (University of Keele)