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John Bird Lectures Archive


23 April 2002 ' 'Cool Memories': Constructions of Memory and Location in Contemporary Jazz'
Kenneth Gloag (Cardiff University)

19 March 2002 'Janacek, Mahler and the Schoenberg School: Regional Voices and Imperial Aesthetics'
Julian Johnson (University of Oxford)

12 February 2002 'Sound ©: Musical Copyright and the Pragmatics of Noise'
Alana Lowe-Petraske (Cardiff University)

20 November 2001 'Musical Borrowing, Appropriation and Sampling'
David Hesmondhalgh (Open University)

30 October 2001 'Music Theory and the Musicological Imagination'
Suzie Clark (University of Oxford)

16 October 2001 'Beethoven Heroine: Musical Cross-Dressing in Egmont'
Matthew Head (University of Southampton)