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John Bird Lectures Archive


24 April 2001 ' 'A Working Class Hero is Something to Be' (John Lennon): Pop Music, Class and Utopia'
Richard Middleton (University of Newcastle)

20 March 2001 'What to Write about Kurtág's Music, which has "Far Too Much Expression"?'
Rachel Beckles Willson (University of Bristol)

13 March 2001 'From Elgar to The Woodlanders: Rural Ride or Rocky Road?'
Anthony Payne (London)

27 February 2001 'Approaches to Janacek's The Fiddler's Child'
John Tyrrell (Cardiff University)

13 February 2001 'Kraftwerk/Cyborg: German Popular Music and the New Bioethics'
Ian Biddle (University of Newcastle)

28 November 2000 'Puppets, Gods and People: Making Sense of Birtwistle's The Mask of Orpheus'
David Beard (Cardiff University)

31 October 2000 'Analysis and (or?) Performance'
John Rink (Royal Holloway, University of London)

17 October 2000 'Characteristic Puzzles in Certain Works of J. S. Bach'
Peter Williams (Cardiff)