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John Bird Lectures Archive


21 March 2000 'Putting the 'i' into Ives: The Representation of Gendered Subjectivity in the Concord Sonata'
Bryan Marshall (Cardiff University)

7 March 2000 'The Ear of the Other: Style and Identity in Schoenberg's Eight Songs, op.6'
Alan Street (University of Exeter)

15 February 2000 'Drowning in Music: Film Women and the Construction of Listening'
Peter Franklin (University of Oxford)

8 February 2000 'A Way with Words: Wittgenstein and Music'
Anthony Powers (Cardiff)

7 December 1999 'Families of Resemblance: Welsh Popular Music and Other Marginalia'
Sarah Hill (Cardiff University)

23 November 1999 'Addressing the Audience: Roger Smalley after Accord'
Christopher Mark (University of Surrey)

26 October 1999 'Engendering the Eroica'
Daniel Chua (King's College, University of London)

5 October 1999 'The Value of the Schenker Nachlass: A Brahms Analysis from the Oster Collection'
Nathan Helsby (University of Southampton)