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Electro-Acoustic Studios

The School has a suite of three up-to-date Electronic Studios which are for the use of Year 2 and Year 3 students taking electro-acoustic modules.

Mixing Desk

The Music School incorporates modern audio production equipment and technology

Studio 1

This is for use by Year 3 students and is focused on hard-disk recording using Pro-Tools hardware and software.

Studio 1 uses a Pro-Tools HD 3 system including both a Digidesign 192 and 96 interface and Pro-Tools 8 HD software. Equipment includes a Intel Quad-core MacPro, a Mackie HUI controller desk and a Roland JV-1080 synthesiser. Sound-generating software includes Reason 4, Absynth 4, Omnisphere, Albino 3 and FM8

Connected to the studio's control room is an acoustically treated live-room. This is used to record performers, in isolation, for the purpose of overdubs or multitrack recordings. Microphones are connected to M-Audio preamps in the control room via a wallbox which also provides a headphone feed for the performer.

Studio 2

This is for use by Year 2 students and is focused on MIDI work using a variety of MIDI equipment including a sampler and JV-1080 sound module.

The studio is centred around an Intel Quad-core MacPro running Logic Studio 8 which offers audio recording capabilities as well as MIDI sequencing. Other software includes Reason 4, Absynth 4, Omnisphere, FM8, Albino 3 and Sibelius 5.

Studio 3

This studio is used by students in both years 2 and 3 and has a range of Roland and Korg MIDI equipment, plus an Akai S6000 sampler.

The studio currently boasts a PowerMac G5 with a Pro-Tools DIGI-002 audio interface and software including both Pro-Tools LE 7.4 and Logic Studio 8.

Recording Booth

Overlooking the Concert Hall, there is a small recording booth with a 16-track Mackie mixer and Pro-tools hardware

The Hall is permanently wired with a slung stereo microphone and live recordings are made directly to the Pro-Tools enabled iMac. These recordings can then be transferred across the network ready for further processing in Studio 1.