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Are you ready to THRIVE?

ThriveFounded in 1883, Cardiff is established as one of Britain’s leading universities. For answers to all your questions about studying at Cardiff, visit the University’s Thrive webpages:


Want to know what life at Cardiff is really like? Student Insiders at the University are recording their experiences and are ready to answer your questions.

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One of these Insiders is Aimee-Louise Paddock, a first year student at the School of Music. Aimee-Louise was one of six finalists in the University’s Thrive Challenge last year, a unique opportunity to win a scholarship for life at Cardiff University.

Aimee-LouiseWhen asked during the challenge why she wanted to study music at Cardiff, Aimee-Louise said:

“The BMUS music course looks really interesting and covers a variety of music subjects. The university's reputation is very good.I really like Cardiff as a city and think it will be a nice place to live. Due to being profoundly deaf an important factor for me was how the disability advisors and music staff reacted when I asked them about what help I could be given and if any areas of the course would need to be adapted. These staff members were exceptionally helpful compared to other universities I contacted.

"I have chosen to study music because it is my passion. Music is such a big part of my life and I enjoy it so much. I thought that it was important to choose the subject that I would love studying and that subject for me definitely is music. Also I am always looking for ways to expand my musical knowledge and the next step is studying music at university.”