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Study Abroad

The Socrates-Erasmus Scheme and Foreign Institutional Links

Socrates is the educational exchange programme of the European Union. Erasmus is the section of the programme relating to Higher Education. Participation in the Socrates-Erasmus programme is open to all postgraduate students in music and is especially suited to those on the longer and more flexible PhD programmes, including those in Performance and Composition.

"Cardiff’s recognised expertise in twentieth-century and French music made it an ideal place to undertake research in this area, and its participation in the Erasmus exchange scheme meant that I was able to spend one year of my PhD at the Université de Paris IV (La Sorbonne) in Paris, which was vital to my research."
Laura Hamer, PhD

Depending on individual suitability (e.g. language proficiency) and research interests, postgraduates may elect to take a period of study abroad at one of many affiliated European University music departments. Study periods abroad range from three to ten months. All recipients of Erasmus grants attend a number of courses in their specialised subject at their host institution, the study programme to be agreed with the home institution Erasmus co-ordinator and the host institution in advance. Erasmus students receive a grant to assist with accommodation and travel costs, via the central administration of Cardiff University. The grant is calculated individually, based on the duration of the study period and cost of living in the relevant country and city.

Most foreign institutions with which the Department has links are able to offer university accommodation to incoming Erasmus students. Choice of foreign institution and scheme of study is made in consultation with the Departmental Socrates-Erasmus co-ordinator and research supervisor. Cardiff’s School of Music has links with the music departments, schools and institutes of the following universities in Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain:


The School of Music’s Socrates-Erasmus co-ordinator is Alessandra Palidda. Email with any queries.