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Lanyi (West African ensemble)

Lanyi means “gathering” in Susu, a language spoken in Guinea, West Africa.

Lanyi, the School of Music’s first African music and dance ensemble, was established in 2013 to give students experience in singing, dancing and playing a range of instruments from the Mande world in West Africa. Students also take part in instrument-making workshops and public performance opportunities are given through the School's Concert Series.


Idrissa Camara is a musician, dancer, choreographer and instrument maker from Conakry, Guinea in West Africa. He has been living in Cardiff for several years and has formed a nationally acclaimed ensemble called Ballet Nimba, populated by a dozen elite West African musicians and dancers residing around the UK.

Idrissa was trained by national ballets in Guinea, Senegal and the Gambia and has extensive performing and teaching experience both in Africa and in the UK.

Idrissa uses West African teaching methods so students are taught orally through class participation supplemented by prescribed practice, listening, YouTube viewing and a small amount of background reading.


Instruments include a range of drums (djembe, kring, dundun), rattles, a 22-key xylophone (bala), bass harp (bolon), and lamellophone (goumama).

Upcoming concerts:


Lanyi rehearsals are held in the Concert Hall on Friday afternoons.