Welsh language opportunities

We offer opportunities for students to study undergraduate courses completely or partly in the medium of Welsh.

As well as practical tuition (instrumental/vocal lessons), you’ll have the opportunity to join the School’s Welsh medium vocal ensemble. We also have a dedicated Welsh medium tutor for Welsh-speaking undergraduates and the option for Dissertation supervision through the medium of Welsh. The following modules are currently available in the Welsh language.

Year one

MU1125 Elements of Tonal Music I

MU1227 Elements of Tonal Music II

MU1314 Practical Musicianship I

Year two

MU2335 Practical Musicianship II

Year three

MU3137 Practical Musicianship III (Ensemble)

MU3344 Practical Musicianship IV (Performance)

MU3340 Dissertation

Postgraduate students can be placed with a Welsh language tutor and present their dissertation in Welsh.