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Postgraduate Research Students

The School of Music is home to a vibrant postgraduate community.

Rachelle Barlow (Ethnomusicology)

Thesis: Gendered Spaces and Historical Spaces in Welsh Choral Music (1870-1901)

Supervisor: Dr John Morgan O'Connell

Fleur Bray (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Robert Fokkens

John Cooney (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Arlene Sierra

Owen Cox (Performance)

Supervisor: Professor Robin Stowell

Martin Curda (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr David Beard

Vanessa Devaux (Musicology)

Supervisor: Professor David Wyn JonesThesis: Joseph Mayseder and the Violin Concerto in Vienna from 1800 to 1828

Annika Gray (Musicology)

Supervisor: Professor David Wyn Jones and Dr David PonsfordThesis: The Solo Sonata in Restoration Britain

Julia Howell (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Arlene Sierra

Gareth Hughes (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Arlene Sierra

Simone Laghi


Iwan Llewelyn-Jones (Performance)

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Rae

Nicola Loten (Performance)

Supervisor: Professor Robin Stowell

Richard McReynolds (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Arlene Sierra

Samuel Murray (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr Sarah HillThesis: The Independent Music Scene in Portland, Oregon and the sustainability of music as a resource within the city

Kate Neale (Ethnomusicology)

Supervisor: Dr John O'ConnellThesis: Distant Cousins: Music, Community and Identity in the Cornish Diaspora

Joe O'Connell (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr Sarah HillThesis: Music in Thatcherite Britain

Ian Pace (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr David BeardThesis: The Emergence of the West German Musical Avant-Garde and its Institutions, 1945-1955

Alessandra Palidda (Musicology)

Supervisor: Professor David Wyn JonesThesis: Opera in period of political change; Milan, 1790-1802

Richard Parfitt

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Hill

Agnieszka Pluta (Musicology)

Supervisor: Professor Kenneth Hamilton

Gareth Price (Performance)

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Rae

Daniel Ross (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Rae

Alicia Stark (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr David BeardThesis: Authenticity, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Virtual Band

Andrew Taylor (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Arlene Sierra

Leopold Tobisch (Musicology)

Supervisor: Dr David Beard

Deiniol Williams

Supervisor: Dr Sarah Hilll

Matthew Woodford (Composition)

Supervisor: Dr Robert Fokkens