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Jon Yardley

Jon YardleySince graduating with a BMus in 2010, Jon Yardley has been working in web development. He is currently a Senior Interface Developer at LBi, a Digital Marketing agency in London…

I felt very at home at the School of Music. Staying late for rehearsals or practice sessions never felt like a chore as it was always buzzing with people and music.

I chose Cardiff as I didn't want to limit my options by specialising in one area of music too early as I was quite a late starter and the School of Music certainly gave me the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects in quite some depth.

I am glad I studied music as it gave me a wealth of experiences and skills I would never have gained studying any other subject.

Employers are often intrigued by my degree...

Not only that but the course was so much fun and genuinely interesting. I can't imagine having done any other degree, nor would I want to. Even though, for the time being, my main profession is in web development I am indebted to the skills I learned studying an instrument, studying analysis, scholarly writing, playing in ensembles and even conducting. 

Employers are often intrigued by my degree and when you explain that you can work in a team and independently, think critically, think on your toes and even lead a group of people under pressure they are always impressed. 

I would recommend the School of Music to anyone wanting to study music. It's a small department which becomes like a family not only including your peers but students from all years, staff and even the porters. I look back on my time at Cardiff with very fond memories and I wish I could do the whole thing all over again. Even though my current job has nothing to do with music my time at Cardiff has inspired me to continue making and exploring music. I still practice regularly and perform at any given opportunity.