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Christian Siddell

Christian Siddell left the School of Music with a BMus.  He is the Founder of Sync Music, a London-based music consultancy.

I didn’t want to go to a Music College where the focus would have been too much on performance for my liking. I wanted to go to a credible, academic school where I could gain a diverse and multifaceted degree in order to develop as many skills as possible, including areas I had difficulty with.

A highlight for me was getting a 1st from Tim Taylor for my first uni assignment ...I was never very confident academically and hadn’t received much encouragement throughout my secondary school ...what I discovered about myself whilst at Cardiff was that underneath my lack of confidence, I did have abilities and capabilities. I enjoyed being challenged and could also rise to a challenge.

After graduation, I spent over a year approaching music publishers in London, during which time I worked freelance as a Musicologist providing written analyses of Musical works for use in sample clearances, infringement avoidance and one High Court infringement case for the song Young At Heart.

It was directly thanks to my degree that I had the analytical skills to do this work. Analysis was something I hated and didnít understand when I began my degree. I considered it far too mathematical and I didnít find it intuitive however by the end of my degree, having studied analysis throughout my entire course because of the way module choices were constructed, I was achieving top marks. I was amazed that it was this part of my degree, something I had initially found so alien, that I first drew upon in my career and it is still a skill I use every day.  

Describe the School in three words?
Challenging, Supportive, Rewarding.

Following this work I eventually landed some temp work at MCPS-PRS Alliance (the royalty collection music societies) on the admissions team as an administrator, after which I finally landed a job in my preferred area of publishing - the Media dept of Boosey & Hawkes as a Music Consultant. I advised a cross section of media clients from TV, film and advertising industries on the best Music to fit their productions, providing music searches and negotiating licence fees and terms.

After leaving B&H I started my own Music Consultancy, Sync Music, providing industry-wide consultancy services, representation of artists, composers and catalogue, and publishing a production music catalogue called CUE.

Starting my own business was much much tougher than I had ever envisaged but looking back on three years of hard slog I’m pleased with my achievements and feel great optimism about where the momentum is taking things.

Describe the School in three words?
Challenging, Supportive, Rewarding.