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Ceri Jones

Ceri JonesCeri Jones has been with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment since graduating in 2003. She is currently the OAE's Projects Director.

I had a number of reasons for choosing to study at Cardiff University. I loved that Cardiff had all the amenities of a Capital city, but in a manageable walkable way.  I also liked the idea that the campus was within the city Centre, so you felt very much part of city life.

 It helped that I had Welsh family heritage (though I grew up in Surrey) and I rather liked the idea of living in Wales for a bit, and particularly being able to support the Welsh Rugby team close to hand.  My Uncle had studied there 20 years earlier and only had good things to say about the Music department. The course looked like a great mix of performing mixed with the academic side.

I have really fond memories of being in Chamber Orchestra.  Course-wise I loved the ensemble module in the third year (I was in a clarinet quartet) – This was a great opportunity to collaborate with friends on performance – and get points for it – practicing never felt like hard work!

I applied for an internship at the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment just after I left Cardiff in 2003 and was astounded to get it!  I spent 6 months working with the Concerts team learning the ropes.  When the internship finished a coincidental vacancy came up as the Office Administrator, which I was offered, and the rest is history.  I have spent the last 9 years working my way through the admin team – as Assistant Projects Manager, Projects Manager and now my current role of Projects Director which I took on in April 2010.

Would you recommend the School to prospective students?
Apart from the fact that Cardiff is an absolutely fantastic place to visit, the Bmus course offered is the perfect mix of disciplines, enabling you to leave as a well-rounded and educated graduate – skills that can be applied in almost any future employment.  

Describe the School in three words?
Friendly, Enabling, Opportunistic