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Andrea Haines

Voces8Andrea Haines is a member of the international award-winning octet Voces8, the foremost young British a cappella group. The group has performed around the world and has a repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony to unique jazz and pop arrangements.

Andrea tells us how her time at the School of Music helped to prepare her for a professional career, performing widely in the UK, Europe, the US, Africa and Asia.

“The department always had a very friendly atmosphere and sense of camaraderie amongst the students and staff, and whether I enjoyed the analysis lectures or not, the musical theory on chord structures has been useful!

Cardiff provided me with a great number of performance opportunities to further develop my technique and confidence on stage and in front of a critical audience thanks to the lunchtime concert series, choir concerts and performance recitals. I had the opportunity to found my own eight-part a cappella group (well before I had found out about Voces8!), be a member of the chamber choir, and just did as much singing as I could.

Until I got to my final year at Cardiff, I hadn’t seriously considered becoming a professional performer. I knew I enjoyed singing, but the prospect of trying to ‘make it’ in an industry such as the notorious classical music scene was extremely daunting. However, nothing prepares you better than seeing people who are lucky enough to already be a part of it, and watching all the musicians who performed in the Music School’s concert series taught me a great deal about musicianship and ensemble.”

Taken from an interview with Andrea Haines for our 2010/11 concert series brochure.