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Adrian Hull

Adrian Hull

PhD graduate, composer, conductor, lecturer…Dr Adrian Hull has a lot of strings to his bow but he still found time to embark upon a unique business venture.

After completing my Undergraduate and Master’s degrees at King’s College London and the Royal Academy of Music, I spent a considerable amount of time searching for a suitable PhD supervisor. I eventually found Anthony Powers, then Professor of Composition at Cardiff University and Deputy Head of the School of Music.

Having lived in London for nearly ten years I was doubtful about leaving such an exciting city: Cardiff however is a vibrant place with lots going on, but it’s not as big and hence not as oppressive as London can sometimes be.

I’d always thought of the Cardiff School of Music as one of the top places in the UK to study music: there are a large number of genuinely enthusiastic and world renowned academics and musicians who work at the School. The University is internationally recognised for the quality of its research into music of all genres, and the School’s excellent concert series (which opened in 2008/9 with a concert by the LCMG – an ensemble formed by myself and Phillip Cooke, another PhD graduate of Cardiff) presents a more publicly audible and visible side to music at Cardiff.

I’m grateful to the University, in particular the staff from the School of Music, for making my time as a PhD student so rewarding.
Whilst studying for my PhD, composition students were given the chance to work with many different professional ensembles including the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. I wrote two pieces that were rehearsed and then recorded at the BBC studios in Cardiff. This type of learning experience demonstrates the fantastic opportunities that are available to students studying at Cardiff.

Following the completion of my PhD in 2007, I worked in various roles, as a tutor with Cardiff University and the Open University before being appointed to a full-time post at the University of the West of England where I am currently a senior lecturer in Performing Arts. I am also the Director of Arcomis (Arts Commissioning) a company that I founded in 2001 and that promotes the commissioning and performance of new music alongside hosting The Arcomis online collection of scores.

Arcomis, a unique company established to benefit both the wider community and musicians, was formed with the support of the School of Music and also received help from the University’s Research and Commercial Division. The company promotes and facilitates the commissioning of new classical music by internationally renowned composers. It offers people the opportunity to commission pieces of classical music of the very highest quality.

I’m grateful to the University, in particular the staff from the School of Music, for making my time as a PhD student so rewarding. The support they've shown my company also demonstrates an awareness of the changing landscape of the Creative Industries and is indicative of the University's forward-looking and vibrant culture.