The amenities which will help to facilitate your music studies.

Concert Hall

Music concert hall

Our 250-seat Concert Hall hosts our annual concert series, as well as a wide range of student concerts. 

It houses two concert grand pianos (Steinway and Bösendorfer), a two-manual pipe organ, a chamber organ, a fortepiano, two harpsichords and various other early keyboard instruments, as well as percussion instruments, all of which are available for student use.

Learning and teaching facilities

Music IT suite

The main Music Building has over two dozen practice rooms, three ensemble rooms and four electro-acoustic studios, including a main recording studio fully equipped to industry standard.

In addition to the practice rooms, there are also rooms especially set aside for percussion, harp, organ (a two-manual Allen practice organ) and double-bass players, together with several secure rooms for instrument storage.

Computers in our Mac Suite all run the latest Sibelius software and there are a number of dedicated Digital Audio Workstations.

The Music Library

Music library

We are fortunate to have a dedicated and extensive Music Library, located next door to the Music Building. 

The Library houses more than 18,000 scores and printed music, 9,000 books and 8,000 recordings as well as  archive collections of manuscript and printed music, music journals, videos, DVDs and online research resources. 

Expert subject librarians are available to assist with advice and specialist IT Training.

Postgraduate facilities

PG music suite

A suite of rooms are available for postgraduate students on the top floor of 37 Corbett Road, located next to the main Music Building. Music postgraduates have 24-access to these facilities, which include computer rooms, a listening room, photocopying facilities, a common room and a kitchen.