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About the programme

Find out more about the Languages for All programme at Cardiff University.


Languages we offer

From French to Japanese, find out more about the languages we offer to all Cardiff undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Ways to learn

Ways to learn

We offer a choice of three ways to learn, so that you can improve your language skills alongside your studies.

We are very excited to offer all undergraduate and postgraduate students at Cardiff University the chance to complement their studies with invaluable language skills. In a competitive global employment market, we believe our graduates will have a distinct advantage by speaking another language and understanding other cultures.

Dr Catherine Chabert, Director of Languages for All

All undergraduate and postgraduate students at Cardiff University can now learn a choice of languages for free

Languages for All is a new initiative that offers you the opportunity to improve your language skills alongside your studies at university. Our flexible and innovative choice of study options means you can learn a language in a way that suits you, whether it is weekly, intensively or independently.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to further improve your language skills, we cater for all abilities and offer a choice of courses in six languages at present.

Why learn a language?

Speaking another language opens up a world of opportunities. Language skills are in high demand in an extremely competitive job market and an international career can be extremely rewarding. Research has shown that studying a language will also provide you with invaluable communications skills as well as improving your decisiveness, problem-solving ability and negotiation skills.

And if you still aren’t convinced, then check out this video of some of our students.