German is one of the key languages in European business, with over 120 million native speakers in Europe.

Language and culture are inseparable, and students will no doubt discover that there is more to German culture than most think. The unique heritages and histories of Germany, Austria and Switzerland have played an important role in the development of Europe.

Taught by native speakers, all of our German courses provide comprehensive language training combined with the opportunity to explore the literatures, cultures and intellectual history of German-speaking countries.

As well as students with A-level German, we also welcome students who have no previous knowledge of German. Entry at beginner level will generally require an A-level in any modern foreign language.

We offer the following German courses:

CourseUCAS code
Ancient History and German (BA)RV21
Archaeology and German (BA)RV24
Banking and Finance with German (BSc)N3R2
English Language and German (BA)QR32
German and English Literature (BA)RQ23
French and German (BA)RR21
German (BA)R200
German and Economics (BA)RL21
German and History (BA)VR12
German and Italian (BA)RR32
German and Japanese (BA)TR22
German and Music (BA)WR32
German and Politics (BA)LR22
German and Portuguese (BA)S89P
German and Spanish (BA)RR24
Modern Languages and Translation (BA) (German and a second language*)76D3
Religious Studies and German (BA)VR62

* Second language options – French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why study German?

A language is a skill for life. By the end of a degree in German, you will not only have mastered the language, but your unique communications and intercultural skills will prove an invaluable asset.

Not only that, but during the third year of your course, you will have the opportunity to work or study abroad in a German-speaking country.

German language skills are highly desirable for employers in international or European business as well as a wide range of fields including the media, the arts, teaching, translating, publishing, the Civil Service, marketing and finance.