The ecosystem inside: Your body, your microbes and your health


Speaker: Dr Simone Cuff, Cardiff University

Telomeres and chromosomal damage: The yin-yang of cancer and ageing


Speaker: Professor Duncan Baird, Cardiff University

Intensive Care Medicine: How a little girl helped to save the world


Speaker: Dr Matt Morgan, Cardiff University

The Evolution of Reproductive Medicine: How far have we come in the treatment of infertility and how far should we go?


Speaker: Professor Adam Balen, Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine

2nd European Conference of Cell Migration (ECMC) 2017, Chair: Prof. Bernhard Moser, SIURI

06/09/2017 - 09/09/2017

Prof. Bernhard Moser in Systems Immunity URI will be chairing the 2nd European Conference of Cell Migration (ECMC) 2017 during 6-9 September at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.