Tomorrow's Doctors

A unique TV series following our Welsh medical students on their journey across Wales and beyond as they get to grips with the emotional, physical and mental challenges of studying medicine.

Watch a video of the highlights from Doctoriaid Yfory.

The cameras of award-winning production company Green Bay Media have been following 15 of our medical students for 12 months all over Wales. The seven-part  series, 'Doctoriaid Yfory' (Tomorrow's Doctors), to be broadcast on S4C from Tuesday 13 September, gives you unrivalled access to operating theatres, surgeries, hospital wards and the multi million pound clinical training facilities at our Heath Park Campus.

Ranging between 18 and 23 years old, these Welsh speaking students come from various backgrounds and areas of Wales, but they are all united by a passion for medicine.

If you're considering a career in medicine be sure to watch the series to get a real insight into the emotional, mental and physical challenges of studying medicine in Wales.

Catch up on any episodes you may have missed by using the BBC iPlayer. English subtitles are available by selecting the 'S' icon on the player.

What did our students think about filming the series?

The feedback we've had from the students involved has been really positive. It sounds like they had great fun making the series and were all excited about the chance to show the world what it's like to learn medicine.

Swyn Lewis, a year 5 student, said that "it was great to have the opportunity to show people what studying medicine is really like, and hopefully inspire future Welsh doctors. And of course, my new celebrity status around the hospital..!"

Tomorrow's Doctors
Year 3 student Catrin Owen on one of the hospital wards.

The best thing about filming was raising awareness about studying medicine as a career, and that it’s possible for anyone to reach their goal.

Mared Roberts, year 3 student

Are you thinking about studying medicine?

If so, we think that's great and would love for you to join us here in Cardiff. Here are some of our students from the series with some advice for you.

Before applying, make sure that this is the course and vocation for you. Do lots of research into the course requirements and do plenty of work experience!

Carys Jones, year 5 student
Tomorrow's Doctors
Year 3 student Ainsley Richards enjoying her time in the operating theatre.

Don’t give up if you don’t get interviews, or if your interview goes badly- pick yourself up and work towards the next opportunity. Don’t be afraid to try, or let anyone tell you they you can’t do it. If you really want to be a doctor, and you’re willing to work, your chance will come!

Manon Thomas, year 1 student

Why choose Cardiff?

At Cardiff we feel we can offer you a truly unique experience. Not only do we have excellent facilities and teachers of international standing, but our partnerships right across Wales means when you study with us you will have the whole of Wales as your classroom.

Our overall student satisfaction rate is now 97%, meaning that we are joint 3rd in the country when it comes to medical students enjoying their studies.*

"It's the perfect city to study in", says Samuel Kelland, a year 2 student. "It's not too big, so not too expensive, but it has everything that you want as a student. The University is excellent and is investing and developing to make sure that the course is excellent."

Tomorrow's Doctors
Year 3 student Ainsley Richards getting prepared for theatre.

The new course at Cardiff blends theory learnt in the classroom with clinical placement from year 1. It’s also a unique chance to learn medicine through the medium of Welsh in the NHS in Wales.

Bethan Green, year 3 student