Standalone modules

Gain additional knowledge and academic skills to apply in your workplace or further your career.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments and further your education, whilst balancing work or other commitments. As an introduction to an area, you could instead take a standalone module that is shorter than a full programme yet still just as rigorous in educational terms.

The following modules are available on a standalone (single module) basis:

Ageing Health - Surgery in the Older PersonShort course
Conducting a Systematic ReviewShort course
Dermatology - An Introduction to DermoscopyShort course
Diabetes - Advanced Insulin Pump TherapyShort course
Diabetes20 credit module
Genetics and Genomics20 or 30 credit modules
Pain Management - Foundation20 credit module
Palliative CareShort course
Public Health - Developing complex interventionsShort course
Public Health - Evaluating complex interventionsShort course
Quality and Safety in HealthcareShort course
Quality and Safety20 credit module
Research Statistics & Evidence Based Practice10 credit module
TherapeuticsShort course
Wound Healing - Foundation30 credit module

If you enjoy the module, you may wish to go on to progress to one of our Certificate, Diploma or MSc programmes later.